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Transform your nails into a statement of beauty with my dedicated gel manicure and pedicure services

Elevate Your Nail Experience

Place your nails in my expert hands at Reka Nails. I offer a wide array of manicure and pedicure services, each carefully designed to nourish and beautify your nails, ensuring consistently stunning results every time.

Promise of Perfection

At Reka Nails, your manicure and pedicure experience is my top priority. I’m dedicated to delivering flawless nail services at every appointment. That’s why I offer complimentary repairs if any issues arise with your gel nails within a week of your visit. Simply reach out to me, and I’ll ensure your gel manicure and pedicure leave your nails looking impeccable once more.

Manicure Treatments

Remove gel (without reapply + Russian Manicure)

Ready to remove your gel manicure? I offer a careful removal service to keep your natural nails safe. Say goodbye to gel and hello to healthy natural nails. My process is gentle, with a russian manicure to make your nails look their best. Plus, I treat your skin with OPI oil, cream, and spray to moisturize. Enjoy a calm hour with me, leaving your nails and hands feeling great. Expect the session to last approximately 1 hours.

Russian Manicure (without gel application)

If you want a natural manicure, this service highlights your nails’ natural beauty. I tidy up your cuticles and softly take care of any hard skin. After that, I use OPI oil and cream to feed and moisturize your hands. Finishing with a spray to protect your skin. This collection of treatments ensures your hands emerge from the hour-long session feeling rejuvenated, with hydration restored to perfection. Expect the session to last approximately 1 hours.

SPA Russian Manicure (without gel application)

Surrender to a symphony of care with this SPA russian manicure. This service is an homage to pure elegance for your hands, with no gel application involved. I start by taking care of your cuticles and removing any rough skin. Then I exfoliate with an OPI scrub and apply an OPI mask for deep nourishment. Next, I moisturize with OPI cream and oil, and finish with a protective OPI spray. Expect the session to last approximately to 1.5 hours.

Gel Manicure Treatments

BIAB manicure

Revitalize your natural nails with BIAB manicure—the savior for every nail type. This gel is special, coming in a range of adaptable nude shades. It’s designed to be both strong and flexible. If you have nails that are bitten, weak, or tend to break easily, this gel provides an ideal solution. Tailor your treatment with a range of options to suit your nail length. If natural tones don’t quite satisfy your taste, there’s more to choose from. Consider the babyboomer look or classic french tips for a chic touch. Alternatively, add a splash of color with a range of gel polishes. Each session includes a thorough manicure, which I believe is crucial for a beautiful outcome.

Should you have existing gel not applied by me, please select the appropriate option. The duration of the service varies depending on the current condition of your nails and any additional services requested. My expertise lies in caring for natural nails. Currently, I don’t provide extensions or acrylic services. However, I am able to accommodate minor repairs for one or two nails if needed. Expect the session to last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, during which your nails will be transformed and fortified. This treatment promises to be the highlight of your nails for 3-4 weeks with proper aftercare and maintenance.

Gel polish manicure

This gel manicure is a classic choice. It starts with a careful manicure. Then I apply a base coat. Next, I add two layers of gel polish. I finish with a top coat for shine. This is different from BIAB as the gel layers are thinner and not for strengthening. It’s best for naturally strong nails and lasts 3-4 weeks with good care. Expect a session to take about 1.5 to 2 hours, leaving you with a stunning, long-lasting manicure.

Pedicure Treatments

Luxury OPI Pro SPA pedicure

Indulge in the ultimate foot care experience with Luxury OPI Pro Spa Pedicure. This service is a sanctuary for those seeking to rejuvenate rough, cracked heels and restore the softness to their feet. Choose from my array of options to tailor your pedicure experience. The basic pedicure begins with a relaxing OPI foot soak. Next, I take care of your cuticles and soften calluses with OPI cream. I then remove calluses with a special file. An OPI sugar scrub refreshes your feet, followed by a moisturizing OPI cream and warm towels. Choose the extended pedicure to include an OPI clay mask and foot mask with a warm bootie. Finish with your choice of gel polish, BIAB, or regular polish. Expect the session to last approximately 1 to 2 hours

Gel Pedicure Treatments

BIAB pedicure

Complete your look with BIAB pedicure. It beautifies your toenails (without removing feet calluses). The session includes nail cleaning and a detailed toenail manicure. This will improve the look of your toenails. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to strengthen and beautify their toenails. Expect the session to last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Gel polish pedicure

Step into the classic gel pedicure treatment. I start with a thorough toenail manicure, preparing your nails for gel polish. Then I apply a base coat, followed by two layers of color. Finish with a top coat for lasting shine. This treatment beautifies your toenails, focusing on a polished look (without feet callus removal). Expect the session to last approximately 1 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is BIAB Gel?

BIAB, an acronym for “Builder In A Bottle,” often referred to as “Builder Gel,” is a product by The Gel Bottle Inc. A BIAB manicure ensures your nails stay sturdy, shiny, and healthy-looking. It’s a robust choice for enduring a busy lifestyle or long vacations without the need for touch-ups. Notably tough against peeling, it helps extend the life of your manicure. BIAB serves to mask nail flaws and is praised as one of the most resilient ways to maintain a polished look. It’s beneficial for nail protection and can be applied by itself or beneath other gel products.

Why should you try BIAB Gel? BIAB is designed to hide imperfections, and is known to be the most durable way to enjoy a glossy manicure. Builder gel also provides protection to your nails making it one of the best treatments for keeping your natural nails healthy.

What is the difference between BIAB and gel polish?

BIAB is still a gel product but with a much thicker consistency. When it cures under an LED lamp, it creates a harder and more durable finish in comparison to regular gel polish.

BIAB comes in a limited range of colours (mostly pale and pastel shades of pinks), but you can use BIAB as a basecoat and apply any regular gel polish over the top, meaning you can still go all out with nail art and bright neon colours if you fancy.

Who is BIAB suitable for?

BIAB is particularly useful for people with weak, thin or damaged nails. However, BIAB is also a great option for people with healthy nails who would like extra protection and durability.

BIAB is also an excellent solution for nail biters which is why the gel is a very popular option for men. In addition, BIAB is highly resistant to damage caused by nail-biting, which gives your natural nails protection and allows them to recover and grow longer.

How does BIAB strengthen your nails?

The thickness of BIAB gel helps to provide reinforced strength, durability and protection from external factors such as knocks and bumps. BIAB can also help to repair broken nails.

How does BIAB help with nail growth?

BIAB gel also commonly known as Builder Gel helps to promote the growth of your natural nails: It provides “armour” for weak nails which are prone to bending, snapping and chipping. Allowing them to grow optimally without breaking.

How long does BIAB last?

A BIAB manicure will last for 3-4 weeks before needing to be re-done or infilled with proper care and maintenance.

How should I care for my BIAB / gel manicure?

Here are a few tips to keep your natural nails healthy and ensure your new BIAB / gel manicure lasts for long as possible:

1.  Apply cuticle oil to your nail beds once per day – When your cuticles are exposed to excessive sun, cold, chlorine, salty or soapy water, they can become dry and chapped. Cuticle oil helps to moisturise your nails and cuticles, which will improve their overall health.

But that’s not all. Using cuticle oil with BIAB gel will help prolong the lifespan of your manicure. This is because cuticle oil keeps the gel hydrated, reducing the risk of your new manicure chipping or cracking.

2.  During the first 24 hours after your BIAB / gel has been applied, avoid your nails coming into contact with excess heat. (Saunas, tanning beds, hot baths, and doing the washing up are all a big no-no.)

3.  Make sure to wear gloves when doing work with your hands, such as household cleaning and gardening.

4.  Avoid using your BIAB / gel nails to pull open or pick at anything.

5.  Don’t use any products which contain solvent oils around your nails since they can cause damage to BIAB / gel polish. Solvent oils can be found in certain sun tan creams and insect repellents.

6.  Avoid your nails coming into contact with alcohol-based products, including perfumes, hairsprays and hand sanitiser, which will all dry out your nails and lead to premature chipping.

7.  Do not file your nails unless it’s absolutely necessary. But if you must, make sure to file gently and always finish in a downward direction.

8.  Chlorine is your gel manicure’s worst enemy. It’s OK to go for a swim, but make sure to always wash your hands with tap water when you get out of the pool.

9.  If any nail lifting occurs, do not pick or pull at it since that will cause damage to your natural nails. Give me a call if your BIAB / gel manicure is still within the 1-week guarantee, and I will book you in for a complimentary nail repair. If not, I also offer a nail repair service.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that sometimes things change and you may need to cancel your appointment.

If you would like to cancel I would appreciate a 24-hour notice, however, if this isn’t possible please give me a call / WhatsApp message as soon as you can before your appointment.

*Any bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded*

What if i’m running late to my appointment?

I would appreciate a call in advance if you’re going to be late. If you’re substantially late to your appointment I may have to shorten your treatment or reschedule it.

Can you remove gel polish from other salons?

Absolutely, you can get a gel removal (with a service) or removal only (without a service) so you can get your natural nails back in no time or have them prepped for another treatment.

How long will my gel manicure / pedicure last?

With a gel service, your chosen nail colour will stay put for up to three-four weeks without smudges, chips or peeling with proper care and maintenance.

If you experience any problems with your gel manicure or pedicure within seven days of your appointment, I offer complimentary nail repair. Simply give me a call / WhatsApp message and I will return your nails to their former glory.

Do you treat medical infections?

My nail salon is dedicated to providing professional and top-quality nail care services to enhance the beauty and well-being of my clients. However, it’s important to note that I specialize in nail artistry and aesthetics, and I am not equipped to provide medical treatment or address medical conditions, including infections.

What is russian manicure?

Russian manicure is a technique for enhancing the nails that involves meticulously trimming and shaping the cuticles with specialized tools, resulting in a very clean and polished look. Unlike traditional manicures, a russian manicure focuses on the health and appearance of the natural nail and cuticle area, using electric files to remove excess skin and create a flawless finish. This method is known for its precision and the seamless application of nail polish or gels that follows.

Where can I find the price list?

The current price list is on my Treatwell booking page, as there are always discounts and promotional periods. During the booking process, when you select a time slot, you will then see the current prices. If there’s anything you don’t understand or can’t find, feel free to message me on WhatsApp, and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible!


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