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Just like our hair and skin, our nails need proper care, as it is part of the decorative look – not to mention that grooming also helps maintain our health. Aging do not spare hands either, so it is best to get hydrated as part of your daily routine, paying special attention to your nails. The hands are always in front of the eyes, we care a lot about their care and beauty: we use creams, wraps, go to manicures regularly. But the importance of pedicures and foot care should not be forgotten either. Nowadays, polished nails are very fashionable, the range of possibilities is endless, you can also choose from countless colors, patterns and shapes.

Is BIAB™ suitable for me?

Do you want strong nails without breakage?

Are you not a fan of (long) gel nails but shorter nails?

Are you not allowed to have gel nails because of your job?

Do you want a natural look as possible?

Then this treatment is for you.

You can choose a nude finish, a gel polish color, french, babyboomer and even nail art.

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