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I am Reka, I have been dealing with hand care and pedicure for 4 years. In 2019, I earned my Hand Care and Pedicure Certificate. I have been a lover of the profession for a long time, (even before my trainings). I am very happy and feel lucky to be able to deal with it every day. For me, my job is also my passion.

I am constantly training myself and updating my knowledge in the nail care and pedicure field, so I can always keep up with the latest nail trends and techniques.

BIAB treatment

It takes about 1,5- 2 hours. (it depends on the state of your nails, cuticles, remove old products, and to be honest, I do not like a rush, ik ben nauwgezet) A set BIAB is good for 3-4-5 weeks (Treat Your Nails Like Jewels Not Tools! – moisturize and wear gloves on dirty or wet situations – I try to be a magician, but you also have to take care of your nails).
You can choose between several nude colors, some have little glitters in it (or gelpolish / french style if you would try something different). A have various glitters, flakes, foils, nail stamps, crystals in the salon, so if you love nail art, do not be shy, we can create something beautiful.

I always do detailed electric file manicure before BIAB and gellak, without that, it is half work, I think. I am very gently, don’t be afraid 🙂 It is worth a try if you would like beautiful, clean and elegant nails.


Regular foot care is important not only in the spring and summer, but also in every season

The CALLUX PRO is a professional foot care treatment.
The peeling of foot happen with an acid exfoliation procedure that is more of a wellness experience than a traditional pedicure treatment. It’s a Professional Spa pedicure.
A quick and easy way to remove the calluses and the dry skin from the leg.

– Completely hygienic
– Disposable equipment . We use a new one for each guest.
– Painless, because we do not use scalpels, knives or grinders.
– There is no risk of injury, so it can be used with complete safety in diabetics and bleeding guests

VEGAN product with natural plant ingredients, no animal testing!

Baby butt feeling guaranteed!

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